Upcoming Gigs

4th, September 2009, The Subculture, Leeds

............THE END............

Previous Gigs

24th, April 2009, The Hotel California, Birkenhead

29th, November 2008, Leeds Rios's

8th, November 2008, Witchfest International, Croydon, London.

20th, September Feb 2008, The Drum and Monkey, Ipswich **CANCELLED**

26th, July 2008, The Gifford Arms, Wolverhampton.

17th, May 2008, BMF Show, East of England Showground, Peterborough *****SUPPORTING THE DAMNED*****

11th, April 2008, The Hotel California, Birkenhead.

27th, Feb 2008, Shepherds Bush Empire *****SUPPORTING THE MISSION*****

27th October 2007, No 10 Dickens Bar, Rotheram.

7th October 2007, The Limelight, Crewe.

5th August 2007, The Basement, Leeds. 10th Anniversary Gig.

20th April 2007, The Hanger, Scunthorpe.Setlist

18th March 2007, The Limelight, Crewe. Setlist

3rd March 2007, The Corporation, Sheffield (POSTPONED BY THE PROMOTER)

19th Nov 2006, The Limelight, Crewe.

21st Sept 2006, The Picturdrome, Holmfirth. **SUPPORTING HALF MAN HALF BISCUIT** Setlist

2nd Sept 2006, The 1 in 12 Club, Bradford.Setlist

13th Aug 2006, The Limelight, Crewe.Setlist

14th July 2006, The Mixing Tin, Leeds.Setlist

11th Dec 2005, The West Riding, Huddersfield - CANCELLED

27th Nov 2005, The Limelight, Crewe.

9th Oct 2005, The Basement, Leeds, With **Very** special guests indeed!!!!

21st Aug 2005, The Limelight, Crewe. Support from Rhombus Setlist

13th Feb 2005, The Limelight, Crewe. (Support from Grinn and Stricken.)

6th Feb, The Basement, Leeds

31st October, 2004, Huddersfield, The West Riding (Halloween type thing with Support from Stricken and Burden of reality.)

15th October, 2004, Leeds, The Royal Park

8th October 2004, The Roost, Long Eaton, Notts

25th September 2004, Huddersfield, The Lockwood

11th September 2004, Morcambe Dogfest

22nd August 2004, The Limelight, Crewe Setlist

27th June, Leeds, The Phono Setlist

21st May 2004, Huddersfield, The Lockwood Setlist

13th March, 2004, Leeds, The Royal Park (Part 6) Setlist

18th January 2004, Crewe, The Limelight

11th October, 2003, Leeds, The Royal Park (Part 5)

10th August, 2003, Crewe, The Limelight Setlist==Review

27th June 2003, Leeds, The Royal park (Part 4)

31st May 2003, Aberdeen, Dr Drakes

25th April 2003, Leeds, The Royal Park Cellars (Part3) THE NIGHT BEFORE THE REAL THING GIG!Setlist

23nd March 2003, Bristol, The Bier Keller - supporting The Cureheads! and with Depeche Made. Setlist

22nd March 2003, Club 85, Hitchin Setlist

6th March 2003, Newcastle, Trillians Setlist

15th Febuary 2003, Leeds, The Royal Park Cellars (Part2) THE WAKE SET Setlist

26th January 2003, Crewe, The Limelight. Setlist

25th January 2003, Stroud, The Space. Setlist

2nd November 2002,The Royal Park, Leeds (Part 1) Setlist

5th October 2002, The Hilton Hotel, Dundee (Dons Wedding!!) Setlist

28th September 2002, The Race Horse, Northampton Setlist

14th September 2002, Club 85, Hitchin. Setlist

4th August 2002, Crewe, The Limelight. Setlist==Review

20th July 2002, Huddersfield, The Dot Commer Bar. Setlist

31st May 2002, Leicester, The Charlotte. Setlist

25th May 2002, Sheffield, The Hallam University (Nelson Mandela Building). Setlist

9th May 2002, Newcastle, Trillians. Setlist

20th April 2002, Workington, Cumbria, The Carnegie Arts Centre. Setlist

15th December 2001, Bradford, 1 in 12 Club. The "WAKE" set. Setlist

29th November 2001, Huddersfield, The West Riding Setlist==Reviews

16th November 2001, Chorley Town Hall, Supporting "Pulse" The UKs biggest Pink Floyd Tribute Setlist

15th November 2001, Huddersfield, The Parish Pump Setlist==Reviews

2nd November 2001, Huddersfield, The Dot Commar Bar Setlist==Reviews

27th October, CJ's Cellar Bar, Leeds

30th june 2001, The Gas Club, Huddersfield (With Liquid Head + Violent Design) Setlist==Reviews

2nd June 2001, The Tut'n'Shive, Rotherham Setlist

25th May 2001, Josephs Well, Leeds, Supporting Star Industry Setlist

9th March 2001, Eamon Dorans, Dublin Setlist==Photos

28th October 2000, CJs Cellar Bar, Leeds. Setlist

3rd June 2000, The Jarvis City Hotel, Aberdeen, Support from Stages of Cruelty and Karloff. Setlist

28th April 2000, Judgement Day 3 Festival, Dornbirn, Austria...Setlist

12th April 2000, The Fenton, Leeds Setlist

31st October 1999, Eden, Doncaster

16th September 1999, Nottingham Rock City / Sanctuary 80s Night Setlist

28th August 1999, Queen Margarets Union, Glasgow - Bedlam Event + Club. Reviews==Setlist

24th July 1999, Sheffield Hallam University Setlist

15th July 1999, The Courthouse, Huddersfield Reviews==Setlist

29th April 1999, Disco 2, Nottingham - Graveyard (Well ...Sort of!) Full Review

18th April 1999, Josephs Well, Leeds (Last minute stand in support for Switchblade Symphony ....erm...) Review

14th November 1998, Abrahams, Huddersfield

31st October 1998, The Metropole, Whitby

11th September1998, The Slimelite, London

25th July 1998, Queen Margarets Union, Glasgow Reviews

4th June 1998, Josephs Well, Leeds Setlist==Reviews

5th May 1998, Fibbers, York Setlist

30th March 1998 The Boardwalk, Manchester Setlist

7th March 1998 The Duchess Of York, Leeds Setlist

21st December 1997, Rock City, Nottingham, supporting Project Pitchfork Setlist

6th December 1997, The Fenton, Leeds Setlist

7th November 1997, The Gas Club, Huddersfield Setlist

1st November 1997, The Metropole, Whitby

29th August 1997, Sheffield Hallam University, supporting Rossetta Stone Reviews==Setlist

2nd August 1997, The Unicorn, Huddersfield

24th July 1997 , The Courthouse, Huddersfield Reviews==Setlist