Its 2017 and one gig in. Last year was atrocious for lots of reasons, many personal, some vote related and some down to musical losses from the holistic choon pantheons. Such events cannot fail to outline positive and important variables floating around and for me (and hopefully “us” to varying degrees) this band is a sanguine variable indeed. Since we started to tread the boards again in 2013, though infrequently, it has been all shiny thunder and joy.

The first gig for next year is now in the virtual book and Mockeldritch is chomping at the bit for more. Between us there are so many musical moving parts these days than there used to be but this old cornerstone still bites and leaves us wanting just a bit more. Too much but NEVER enough.

The Sisters Of Murphy remains hope for good times. Nay a guaranteed Industrial groove machine, never taking itself too seriously but always delivering respectfully and with armour piercing impact plinky plonk. Hopefully there is light at the end of the transient tunnel, dreaming after all is free.

Yip & Yip.

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