Smurph FAQ - Revised

Time and experience usually shape the mind, our minds are in bad shape, probably from all the smoke we inhale. Looking back at the FAQ, we see that we havny so much changed our minds about anything, but may have more to add... so here goes.

Q. Why do you do it ?
A. We like Sisters music. We like playing live. You dont need a drummer. These are still the primary reasons, yet i think now its even more of a labour of love than when we started, and for those who come to see us on a regular basis, its a bit of a get together ! Also, on top of the other bands we do, which take a certain amount of effort, we just slip into the smoke and floods, shut our eyes and let it happen. Definately a worn in pair of shoes that are easy to slip on.

Q. Does Eldritch know about the Smurphs ?
A. Yes. I said hello briefly at the York anniversary gig and he said "ahhhhhhhh....Thats you is it" and we shook hands. This, im hoping, was a positive thing.

Q. Does he mind ?
A. We assume he doesnt, we are still assuming.

Q. Do you know Eldritch ?
A. No.

Q. Which era do you try to emulate ?
A. The look of the stage show is most definately 85 smoke and white floods. The sound is generally that of 91 onwards, which is interesting for 85 stuff that they do not play anymore. Obviously, our technology is far more limited than Vons, but i think we do quite well.

Q. Which was the best Sisters Line-up ?
A. I like all the Sisters music, but as far as it goes im no purist. To me, Eldritch/James/Bricheno/Bruhn was the best in terms of talent.

Q. Are you a Goth band ?
A. This question means "do you think the Sisters are a goth band ?" The audience seems to me to define what genre a band is from. That said Eldritch can call HIS band what he wants. The people who come to our gigs are what most would consider goths. As im not a massive fan of the goth scene i can see why Eldritch would not want his band to be considered a goth band. My own gripe is that goth music as a part of the whole scene (In the UK) now seems secondary to politics, vogue and club culture. To me, the Sisters are also able to "rock out" more than other bands that seem to fall under the Goth label. Do you judge a book by its cover?

Q. Are The Sisters Of Murphy a "Going Concern"
A. No, if we wanted to make money from a tribute band we would be doing any of a myriad of other acts. This is a loss making machine as a rule if you consider costs since we started. I just hope the fact that we "do it for the love of the tunes" comes across when we gig, i think it does.

Q. How do you cope with the complete autonomy of being in the Smurphs, and the ridicule of rock and roll plagiarism ?
A. With a grin (your here arent you ?) The strange thing is, with the current wave of inerest in tribute bands, we are somewhat of a curiosity which doesnt seem to be doing us any harm. I think that we do suprise neutrals who have only heard "this Corrosion" which is testamony to the quality of The Sisters Of Mercy's product over the years.

Q. Do you think The Sisters will ever release another album ?
A. No, still dont.

Q. Which was the best Sisters album ?
A. They are all good. They all sound like the Sisters. As they all sound different, this is a neat trick that should be respected.

Q. Which are you favourate Sisters songs?
A. FLA, Some Kind Of Stranger, Lucretia and Ribbons.

Q. Which are you favourate Sisters songs to play live ?
A. More, FLA, Lucretia, Adrenachrome and Alice

Q. Which has been your best gig so far ?
A. It would have to be the first one we ever did for the obvious reasons. After that, probably Aberdeen 2000 or Dublin 2000

Q. Whats your favourate Venue ?
A. The Hallam, Sheffield University. Listening to the onstage mix was reffered to by Mark as eating Belgian chocolate. Front of house was also to die for im told.

Q. Do you like The Mission ?
A. Yes, we do.

Q. What is the secret to Sisters music then ?
A. Its an interloop of fractal cosmology.

Q. Why dont you gig more often ?
A. Well we kind of are now, which is strange as the band we do have not released anything for so long, and we are a very small and modestly promoted band. Perhaps it is just the fact that venues want something different on their tribute night. I mean, how many Queen tributes are there ?

Q. Do you reckon your as good as the real thing ?
A. Get a life.

Q. Are you ever going to do anymore T-Shirts!
A. Weve given in !!!! YES !!!!............. and now theyve all gone again :O(